Past = Blessings

March 15, 2017


I have a lot of things on my plate today....

1. I'm packing to leave for Houston tomorrow 

2. Working on a Thought Exercise for Round 2 interviews for a position in Philly 

3. Preparing for an Interview based in Alexandria, VA

4. Rescheduling a walk through with Dean for Cort & Amir's wedding 

5. Confirming private aerial foundations class for #YouCantWeekendWithUs

6. Completing all workstreams for my job

                                                                 FYI: All things were completed-in case you wanted to know


This is just half but you know how you are going through different tasks and something from your past hits you out of no where like the devil just knew he hated seeing you flourishing out here in these streets- yeah that happened to me. I was taken off track to a time in my life that I do not want to talk or think about- I know we all have those moments.  I know it happened, no need to reminisce but my man could just smell that something was wrong and kept asking me to tell him.


I realized that I can't hold things in and told him how I was feeling which was actually a good feeling getting it off my bosom. You can't get so mad at the past but not think about how blessed you are in the present. God continues to amaze me because through all the past situations and it was A LOT, trust and believe, he STILL continues to bless me. 


Today was an emotional roller-coaster type of day (nervous, happy, frustrated, sad, fulfilled, loved)-maybe this was actually a little bipolar type of day- just to be real. 


However, through it all I still had his support. I can't thank God enough for blessing me with him. He's so patient, understanding, loving and truly wants the best for me. If that's him staying up for me to finish my post just so that I can read it to him-he will be right there (this is real life statements. I'm definitely reading this one to him in .5 seconds).


All of our days will not be the best days but just having a strong support system by your side is what is needed in this journey and just in life. If you understand that, I know things will continue to prosper. When you have someone by your side that continues to encourage you and celebrate your wins, don't let that go. I want to publicly thank you for coming in my life at that right time and encouraging me all the way in this journey through the good, bad and ugly. Thank you My Prince-Joshua Prince to be exact. Yeah, he's really a prince, I didn't make that up.



Today's Assertion: Continue to count all my blessings past and present





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