Hello Spring

March 20, 2017


It's the first day of Spring and it actually feels like a Spring day today. I got off the plane thinking "brace yourself" but was actually surprised to see that it wasn't BRICK. People were outside with light jackets or no coats (sometime people go a little too far) and lines for Ritas were each corner.  It was a pretty nice day to come back to after being in 80 degree weather. 


As soon as I touched down in Jersey, my top to do item was a NAP. I do not play when it comes to my sleep and I knew that I wouldn't make it throughout the day without one. We only got 1.5 houantof sleep and immediately headed to airport. After my wonderful nap, I was able to get a few things for  #YouCantWeekendWithUs  and then ending the day meeting with my wedding assist


 It's great talking things over with people because you are able to tighten a few things up while also seeing the direction that you are moving in for a  specific event. Now we already know there will be tons of questions but that comes with planning and truly helps the event planner to stay on top of things.


Although it was a long day, we were able to get on one page. The best way to end the night was coming home to my walkie talkie purchase. They are the perfect size, weight and color. It's a perfect day to be in Spring and say farewell to winter-hopefully


Today's Assertion: Continue to bloom where you are planted







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